Sports organization representation

Hockey_gameAll sports organizations have their goals – commercial or non-profit, but nevertheless often there is not enough time or resources to provide in-house solutions for meeting these goals. We build strong long-term relationships with sports organizations by providing professional assistance in sports management, legal matters, dispute resolution and other services, which help to achieve goals of these organizations.

Whether you are sports team, sports federation, sports school or any other organization operating in the field of sports, we will be happy to assist you not only with services, which increase sports performance of your organization, but also with different strategic and managerial matters. Should you require to find that final key player for your team to win the championship or should you wish to restructure your organization, our professionals will provide you with one of the best assistance available.

Please take a look at our services for sports organizations and find out more about each service in the “Services” section of our home page:

  • Scouting
  • Legal services (Corporate, compliance and dispute resolution)
  • Managerial services (Financial and strategic management)
  • Clinics and seminaries
  • Sports camps and tournaments
  • Physical training
  • Marketing and PR

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